The Steps of Reeder & Associates’ Executive Search Process

healthcare executive search process

The search process for senior and C-suite executives can set the course of a healthcare company for many years. Finding exactly the right candidate depends on a well-planned, streamlined process from a seasoned executive search firm. Here we will outline the steps taken to ensure a healthcare organization’s new hire will steer their business in the right direction.

Understanding the Client and the Position

It is critical that an executive search firm understands the client’s needs and the position they are being hired for. For every new client, Reeder & Associates spends time in the client’s offices, getting to know key employees; especially those that will be interfacing with the new hire. We’ll also take this time to assess the corporate culture.

Some healthcare executive search firms will have a senior partner sell the client on a specific search and then hand it off to a junior associate who oversees the assignment through completion. At Reeder & Associates, Mike Reeder &/or Steve Eveningred directly handle every part of the executive search process themselves, including every client and candidate interaction. This helps ensure a direct point of contact for straight-forward, timely results.

Candidate Sourcing and Research Strategy

Before sourcing candidates, an executive search firm should have a strategy in place. At Reeder & Associates, this starts with our research department which utilizes our own proprietary candidate database. Within our database, we can pinpoint specific attributes that apply to any given search and quickly identify potential prospects. A targeted list of companies is also compiled to identify organizations whose executives may be a fit for the new position.

Candidate Interviews

Next, we begin to talk with a list of possible candidates. This is the time to convey the company’s expectations from their new hire, what the responsibilities include and who they will report to. We answer the candidate’s questions, weighing each candidate carefully against the position’s criteria. After a couple weeks of talking with candidates, we’ll present the backgrounds of who we feel are the best candidates. From this point forward, we will work with our client to arrange on-site interviews where candidates will get a chance to personally meet with the client and/or members of the search committee.

References and Negotiations

A key responsibility for our firm is to carefully monitor each stage of communication between our client and the candidates. Interviews and negotiations are facilitated by Mike Reeder &/or Steve Eveningred and recommendations are made to hone in on the right candidate. We will cross-check references and perform due diligence on each candidate to ensure the value of the person who is eventually hired.

Follow-Up and Client Commitment

After a candidate is brought on board, we will stay in contact with our client to monitor the transition period. This is an excellent, full-circle learning tool for us because many clients retain successful firms for future hires. A reputable firm guarantees their recommended placement for a period of time from the hiring date.

At the end of the day, executive searches are about relationships. Seasoned executive search consultants maintain relationships with their clients, placements and candidates. Choosing an executive search firm that is well respected and is known throughout the industry is a key component for timely, successful outcomes.

If your business is ready to begin the executive search process, Reeder & Associates has over 35 years of experience placing candidates successfully in the healthcare industry. To begin your executive search, please contact us by calling Mike Reeder or Steven Eveningred at 770-649-7523 or filling out the form on our contact page.

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