The Role of an Executive Firm After a Placement

Executive search is more than filling vacancies in the c-suite, it’s about relationships. It’s common practice for executive search firms to guarantee placements for a period of time after a position is filled. Some even agree to not recruit from a client for a period of time after a search is initiated by them. However, this does not mean that the relationship with a client has to end even after these commitments are fulfilled.

A key issue throughout the executive search process is transparency. The ability to be as transparent as possible with both the client and the candidate helps to ensure expectations are met and everyone is happy. That is why open communication is of the utmost importance in executive recruiting.

Maintaining communication allows the search firm to continue building upon the relationship it formed with a client. In the event that a client needs to fill additional roles, there will be an established familiarity with the company’s needs, business practices, and key players.

It’s also important for an executive search firm to maintain contact with the candidate. Not only to ensure a smooth transition, but to also head off any problems that may arise after an offer is accepted.

A good executive search firm adds value by communicating proactively rather than reactively. Search consultants should truly understand the client’s business, the company’s culture and the style of leadership that the company values. This kind of knowledge and understanding will go a long way toward a lasting relationship.

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