How do Search Firms Screen Executive Healthcare Candidates?


C-suite positions are recruited carefully and at a very personal level. There are important steps not to overlook in the C-suite and executive placement process.

Determine the Client’s Needs

Executive search firms begin the recruitment process with an in-depth discovery phase, where they assess and prioritize the client’s needs. This includes a client site visit, gathering a team of 10-20 key people to provide an assessment of the culture and job requirements.

A position specification document is generated from the discovery conversations which is much like a job description. Search firms send the specification document to candidates who may be a good fit for the client, adding additional information about the company. This includes company culture, location, org charts, revenue (when it is applicable) and any other information garnered during client discovery that may be relevant.

Phases of the Interview Process

After providing the job specification document to candidates, executive search firms will start identifying candidates and begin the screening process. This entails spending time on the phone with each candidate to determine if they fit the role, have the appropriate experience, will relocate (if necessary) and whether or not they are in the same ballpark when it comes to compensation. This phase begins with a large pool of candidates and takes 2-4 weeks to complete.

The search firm will then internally assess which candidates they are most interested in pursuing. Typically this phase includes having having follow-up phone conversations with each candidate to further determine if there is a fit.

At this point, search firms will present a select group of candidates to the client and a call is set to discuss each candidate’s background in detail. The goal of this call is to narrow the field down to 3-5 candidates.

Final Face-to-Face Interview

Reeder & Associates feels it is important to interview each final candidate in person, especially at the executive level. We feel this part of the process cannot be overlooked and is an important factor when it comes to the long-term success of the placement. Building a personal rapport with each candidate and having the opportunity to look each in the eye goes a long way in determining the quality of their candidacy. Assessing the candidate’s thinking process, communication skills, executive presence, presentation, and assertiveness are some of the things that we look for during this part of the process.

When healthcare organizations have an executive vacancy, they often reach out to search firms they have utilized in the past. We have 35 years of successful executive candidate placement in the field of healthcare. Reach out to learn more about our process by contacting us or calling 770-649-7523.

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