How onboarding plans increase the likelihood for success of a new CEO

Creating an onboarding plan is the key to hiring a healthcare executive who thrives in their new space. Use this tool to take advantage of the enthusiasm surrounding a new hire.

Healthcare executive onboarding starts immediately


The strategy for bringing on a new CEO and getting them up to speed should begin the day they accept the offer. They’re both nervous and excited and this is the perfect time to come alongside and begin educating them. Waiting until the first day on the job means missing out on a month of anticipation, when the new hire most looks forward to learning.

Get to know the staff, so they get to know you


Begin by getting the staff ready for change and get them up to speed on any new goals. Current staff will be worried about job security, sweeping changes that may occur after the CEO starts and people are naturally resistant to change.


Address these issues by introducing the CEO to the staff and getting the new executive familiar with who works under them. Don’t just learn their roles; get to know the people filling them. Every company has a culture and nuances within it. Make sure to include this crucial step in the onboarding plans, because the CEO’s new vision will develop faster and more successfully if everyone is comfortable.

Review public perspective


Arrange a meeting for the new CEO to meet board members. This time should be spent getting to know the current board, what their goals are and what current morale looks like.


For hospital positions, consider reaching out to the community the hospital serves. Get to know patients and healthcare professionals in the area to establish rapport and get an early gauge on what challenges may lay in front of you.

Set clear expectations for what defines “success”


Is the healthcare organization a hospital looking to improve their reputation? Or a pharmacy corporation looking to increase revenue?


Create a high-level overview of all goals and challenges facing the new CEO. Consider items beyond revenue – employee turnover, patient and customer satisfaction and the rate of growth for employees and services.


Don’t wait to create an onboarding plan and rely on the standard new-hire orientation. Consider implementing this valuable tool whenever you hire a healthcare executive and let us know if you think it improves the transition process.

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