How Executive Search Firms Improve Diversity in Healthcare

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report defining health inequity as, “differences in health outcomes and their determinants between segments of the population, as defined by social, demographic, environmental, and geographic attributes.”

Solving the diversity issues in healthcare is a major focus for businesses hiring or broadening their C-level personnel. Well-rounded companies need well-rounded leadership. To meet these needs, an executive search recruiter needs to recommend diverse individuals – ones who will enhance or create programs that pull from the experiences of a variety of genders, ethnicities and more.

The Importance of Understanding How Diversity Is Defined

Understanding these diversity issues starts by identifying how the word, “diversity,” has changed over time. The White House issued a report in 2014 titled, “15 Economic Facts About Millennials.” It shows that older generations define diversity by gender, race and religion, while younger individuals broaden the term to encompass differences in lifestyle choices and experiences. How and who executive search firms hire is important because different people bring different ideas to the table, expanding the business’ growth potential. And in the healthcare industry, these differences may apply directly to the care and treatment of patients.

The Need to Close the Healthcare Leadership Gap

There is a wide discrepancy between the number of minorities treated in hospitals and outpatient clinics versus minorities in healthcare management. Broad stroke healthcare choices are not applicable to every segment of the population. Circumstances can be unique between cultures and socioeconomic groups and unless an executive has lived or worked directly with one of these minorities, it may be difficult to touch on and address the challenges they encounter.

The Growth in Healthcare Leadership Positions Focused on Diversity

New C-suite positions are being created for Chief Diversity Officers to manage these delicate issues. CDC believes, “public health disparities can be overcome by innovative, well-designed, and consistently evaluated programs that build viable and sustainable long-term partnerships and inspire political commitment through effective implementation and communication.” Hiring a CDO or other executives who can create and direct these valuable programs may be tricky. Executive search consultants use databases to organize their prospects and diversity platforms can be built in directly.

The Ultimate Goal of Healthcare Diversification

In healthcare, patient safety can be traced up through decisions made at the executive level. The right candidate placement ensures minorities facing socioeconomic and cultural challenges receive the same care as others. There are still large gaps in how we are solving diversity issues in the healthcare field, but hiring an executive search firm experienced in identifying diverse candidates is the best place to start.

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