Common Challenges When Filling a Healthcare Executive Role


Every industry has nuances particular only to them and this creates unique challenges, especially when recruiting healthcare executives. Here are 5 common challenging things healthcare organizations face when hiring an executive.


Regulations change, sometimes unexpectedly. When a healthcare organization masters one, another changes or a completely new one comes out. Failing to meet a measure can close an entire company, so regulations must be a top priority for any healthcare executive. It can take years to figure them out, get through the audits and then try to forecast how regulations may change in the coming years. There are multiple regulatory bodies – CMS, the State, the Fed, licensing boards – and balancing them all is a challenge unique to healthcare.

Constant PR

In today’s world, everything is public. The average person does not understand a complex medical case, which can quickly lead to frustration and anger. Social media is only hit with one side of the story and healthcare organizations cannot respond because of HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Public relations must be handled very carefully and quickly.


Healthcare is the one industry that meaningfully touches everyone in society. Great care must be taken in how difficult cases are handled, how practitioners are trained and what innovations to adopt. Adding the regulations mentioned above, healthcare executives must be fully educated in the most complicated pieces of an already complex industry. Between big pharma, the hospital, accounting, HR, those gears have to work together.

Subject Matter Experts

Every department in a healthcare organization has its own nuances and difficulties. Finding a jack of all trades to lead them is rare and difficult. Instead, executives need to be people who mastered their area of expertise and lead well. Though all subject matters are unique, they must all be lead in the same direction.

Retaining Staff Through High Stress Times

Whether hospital, insurance company, big pharma or little pharma, healthcare is stressful. Staff must be monitored carefully for burnout and identify those at risk as quickly as possible to avoid losing them.

Culture matters in healthcare. Difficult patients and their families are part of the landscape. Down to the nurse at bedside, it matters how they deal with challenging situations and whether the environment supports them. Healthcare executives often lead how these cultures are built.

Leadership at the executive level does not fall into a healthcare role easily. What other common challenges do you think face healthcare companies when they are hiring executives? We would love to hear your thoughts in our comment section below. Reeder & Associates has 25 years of experience meeting the challenges of healthcare organizations trying to meet their hiring goals. Contact us today.

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