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why choose a boutique firm?

The firm views its work as an extension of the client, and Reeder & Associates’ success is attributed to a veteran’s understanding of the client’s needs, successfully matching those needs with a candidate’s unique abilities, and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship.

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  • The Person You Hire Does the Work

    When you engage a boutique firm like Reeder & Associates Ltd., you are dealing directly with Michael Reeder or Dr. Steven Eveningred. In contrast, large firms, as with other consultancies, senior partners typically sell projects, and junior employees conduct the search. Often this is executed by people you have never met, and who have minimal knowledge of your company.

  • Access to More Candidates

    Executive search firms have an ethical (and usually contractual) obligation not to recruit from clients. Boutiques can access more candidates because they have fewer off-limits companies.

  • In-Depth Knowledge of Your Company

    Because boutiques have a business model that enables them to form a genuine partnership with you, they truly know your culture and the nuances of the position available when assessing potential candidates.

  • Smaller Work Load – Your Project Matters to a Boutique

    Principals at big search firms often carry heavy search loads that make it difficult to deliver results for clients. In contrast, principals at boutiques typically work on fewer projects, devoting far more time and attention to each one.

  • Higher Completion Rates

    Completion rates at big search firms are commonly acknowledged to be in the 60% to 65% range. Reeder & Assoc,. Ltd has a completion rate of 95%.

    If your company plans to do more than ten searches a year, you may have enough leverage to get the attention you deserve from the big search firms. But if your needs for search are more modest, you will get better service and a more focused effort from a boutique.

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