Our Firm

Why Choose Reeder & Associates

We are a boutique firm, which allows us to provide a personalized approach to executive search, with a focus on excellent client service. When you engage Reeder & Associates, you get the experience, network and resources of a large firm with the ability, personal service, and passion of an entrepreneur.

The firm views its work as an extension of the client, and Reeder & Associates’ success is attributed to a veteran’s understanding of the client’s needs, successfully matching those needs with a candidate’s unique abilities, and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • The Person You Hire Does the Work

    When you engage Reeder & Associates, you are dealing directly with the firm’s consultant who has partnered with you on the assignment. Larger firms typically rely on a support team that in effect conducts the critical research and makes recommendations. As a result, the search is often executed by individuals you have never met or have limited knowledge of your situation.

  • Access to More Candidates

    Larger firms usually have contractual obligations to not recruit from current clients – restricting access to a pool of candidates. Boutique firms can assess more candidates because they have fewer off limit companies.

  • In-Depth Knowledge of Your Company

    Because we have a business model that enables us to form a genuine partnership with you, we are better at selling your opportunity and assessing a candidate’s fit with your culture.

  • Smaller Workload

    Larger firms have search loads that make it difficult to deliver timely results for clients. Your consultants at Reeder & Associates work on fewer projects, devoting far more time and attention to each one.

  • Your Project Matters to Us

    Because our efforts are more focused, you receive better dedicated service and rapid results.

Your success is our success and we deliver results.
It’s really that simple.